Floor Ideas to make your home attractive

Notch up your home's look by adopting these exquisite floor ideas...

When it comes to furnishing your home, every single detail is important. Be it be Ceilings or floors, wall colors or wall paper, curtains or furniture; you just have to focus on every single aspect to make your home look beautiful. Details like attractive floor patterns and color scheming are the foundation steps that you build your entire empire on.

Just like everything else, now we have a huge range of flooring options available to chose from. Furthermore, the floors can now be of as many different colors as you want. To share some great ideas with you, we decided to dedicate our today’s blog on floors ideas. Let’s check them out.

1- Wooden Floors

The basic and perhaps the most common floor style. However, with time even the wooden floors have evolved a lot. Now you can choose different wooden texture and color combinations. In addition, the wooden tiles available are now quite easy to install.

So, if you are fond of some serious and classic look, wooden floors are just for you.

Wooden Floor

2- Combination of Wood and Concrete Tiles

As mentioned earlier, the wooden style floors have evolved a lot. Here’s another idea to further improve the looks of your floor.

A wooden floor with a pattern made of colorful concrete tiles in the middle is just what you need to impress your visitors. Although you can apply as many color choices as you want but make sure that you keep it elegant because that’s what the wooden floors are all about.

Here’s what our suggested look is. It’s appealing, isn’t it?

Concrete and wood


3- Colorful Concrete Tiles

When you chose to use only concrete tiles for your floor, sky is the limit. You can apply as many ideas as you want and they’ll all look good. That’s the beauty of concrete tiles.

To prove our point, here’s a colorful floor made with concrete tiles.

Colorful Concrete tiles


4- Small Square Blacksplash Tiles

This is a relatively expensive idea but it will give your floor an amazing look. For this look, use small tiles to form intricate patterns between the square tiles.

You can keep the color of the small square tiles same as the floor’s color but having a different shade of small tiles will look equally good.

small tiles

Here’s another style with the combination of small and big concrete tiles, where a square like formation is made with the small tiles, in between the big tiles.

Small squares blacksplash tiles

5- Marble

A relatively old concept of flooring but still very much popular. The benefit of having a marble floor is that it makes the cleaning much easier. So, if you wish to quicken up your daily mopping chores, having a marble floor is certainly a good idea.

Now the marble tiles are available in the market, so unlike the past, you can now install the marble tiles just like other type of floors.

Marbles tiles

6- Zig Zag Wooden Pattern

You don’t have to make your wooden floors look simple. Another idea is to fix the wooden tiles in a zig zag manner. This simple fixation technique will do wonders in notching up your room’s look.

Pattern wooden floor

7- Plastic Floor Cloth

This is yet another idea to change your floor’s current look. Buy a good looking cloth made of plastic. Plastic because it’s easier to mop on this material. The different patterns of the floor cloth will bring a fresh look to your room. Furthermore, the floor cloth’s are easier to maintain than the formal heavy carpets.

So, whenever you looking to change your floor’s look with new ideas, simply go for the a beautiful plastic cloth and you’ll love the change.

Floor Cloth

Hope you like these ideas. Write to us or comment below, if you want us to write about something that you wish to learn about.

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