Egg Carton Craft Ideas to make your Kids Happy!

With the increasing awareness about recycling, isn’t it an intimidating idea to make use of the egg cartons that you used to throw away earlier? I know most of the people out there would love the idea of making crafts out of the egg cartons. So, today we’ll be sharing some exciting egg carton craft ideas with you, to recycle these useless cartons into something delectable.

One thing is for sure, your kids are going to love these ideas. After all, crafting with kids gives us an amazing opportunity to spend our fun time with kids. Even if your kids end up in making something clumsy, the memory of making funny crafts with you will last with them, forever.

So, here we go with some great ideas to creatively utilize the empty egg carton.

Funny Bunny

Kids love bunnies! Don’t they?

This idea will help you create a cute little bunny with the help of an egg carton. All you need to do is to cut one egg cup from the bottom of the egg carton, paint it grey and stick googly eyes. As an alternate to googly eyes, you can also use a black marker to draw eyes. Next, draw the bunny’s nose and lips with black marker. Use white marker to draw the whisker. Finally, cut the bunny ears from the top lip of the egg carton and attach them with the help of a glue stick.

Funny Bunny


Flower Wreath

Another easy egg carton craft idea is to make a gorgeous flower wreath.

Here’s what you’ll need to do. First, cut out several egg cups from the carton and paint each of them inside out with a bright beautiful color. Next, cut the top of the cup in petals shape while making sure that all the strips remain connected at the bottom. Take a paper sheet and cut it in the form of a circle. Paste all the carton flowers around it and you’re done.

Furthermore, if you wish to add leaves to your flower wreath, you can cut them from the top half of the egg carton, paint them green and paste them around the flowers.

Flower Wreath

Make a Caterpillar

Perhaps, the easiest craft with the egg carton… Make a Caterpillar!

Simply cut the bottom of egg carton into two halves, lengthwise. Now paint each egg cup with a different color. Once you’ve done that, draw eyes on the front egg cup (you may stick google eyes). In addition, you can add eyelashes to create a cute female version of the caterpillar 🙂

Lastly, stick spring ears on the front cup and you’ve just created a beautiful caterpillar!


Green Turtles

Another fantastic egg carton craft idea. Make green turtles to fascinate your children.

For making turtles, take a green paper sheet and cut the body of the turtle out of it. You might first need to draw turtle’s body on the sheet to neatly cut it. Next, cut an egg cup from the egg carton and paint it green.

Simply paste the egg cup on the turtle’s body. For turtle’s face, paste googly eyes on a pom pom and paste it to the turtle’s body.


Colorful Funny Masks

You can make funny masks or goggles for your children by making use of this idea.

For creating goggles, you first need to detach the top of the egg carton from the bottom part. Next, cut the bottom part (length wise) to cut two egg cups together. Now, cut the bottom of each egg cup to make a hole for the eye balls. Paint the goggles with fun colors. Finally, attach a Popsicle stick to the side of the goggles or mask (whatever you want to call it).

Voila! Your kids have just got funky goggles to celebrate their birthday party with 🙂


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