Keep your kids preoccupied without using technology thanks to this DIY project!

Who said an iPad is necessary to keep your little one busy?

Truth be told, keeping a kid occupied is one of the most difficult aspects of parenthood. This is where iPads and smart devices have come into play. It is extremely convenient to keep kids occupied at places like airports, restaurants and other similar places by giving them an iPad with their favorite game. But by putting some effort, you can help your kid have fun with this DIY project. Another factor is that you wont have to include technology into their lives at such a small age.

One creative mum, Eleanor made the following play set to allow her son to spend time doing something fun. She did this as her son was going to camp and electronic devices were forbidden on the trip.

The finished DIY project
The finished DIY project

She made use of an empty pencil tin to include a large number of toys as well as games. This way her kid could have some fun in the classic and old fashioned manner. This is also something most kids do not get to experience nowadays. These toys and games included Lego bricks, various colored pens and Post It notes. On the side of the box were game grids sketched using a marker so that the kid could play various games like Tic Tac Toe. She made use of gems to be used as game pieces.

The exterior of this DIY project

To make the box interesting, she added whiteboard paper to entire case which gave it a more refined look. If that is not enough, a ‘wipe clean’ pen that had a magnetic lid was thrown into the fray. A pen with a magnetic lid was chosen due to the fact that the pen could stay attached to the pencil tin.

For those looking for creative options on how to keep their little ones occupied without using an iPad, this DIY project makes an excellent and fun thing to indulge in for both you and your kid.

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