Headboard Ideas for a Major Statement to your bedroom

These simple headboard ideas will notch up your bedroom's look for sure.

A bed with an attractive headboard plays a vital role in your bedroom’s overall look. An ideal headboard also provides comfort when you are leaning against it while reading a book after a long day. Today, we’ve compiled headboard ideas for you to try in your bedroom. Below list is a combination of bold, rustic, comfortable and DIY ideas. Each of these ideas is carefully picked up to ensure a high impact change in your bedroom. Furthermore, some of the headboard ideas that we’ve picked will even help you in concealing your bedroom flaws.

1- Canopy Style Headboard

If your bedroom has a sloped roof, you can easily conceal it with a canopy. Style your canopy in such a way that it covers the sloped space above the bed and give it a creative curved design from the edges. This will not only hide the sloped roof but it’ll also help in making your bedroom look bigger.

Canopy style bed

2- Cushions for a Comfortable Headboard

If you don’t wish to spend a hefty amount on a headboard, a very simple yet gorgeous idea is to line up and hand the cushion on the wall behind the bed. This headboard idea is not only easy to implement but it will also provide you an extraordinary comfort.

pillow headboard

3- Frame up the Cushions

Another idea for a cushioned headboard is to create a wooden frame with a space for fitting in the cushions. Select attractive colors for the cushions and fit the wooden frame behind your bed as a headboard. In addition, you can also go for bold colors for each of the cushion to make a multi-color headboard.

pillows with frame

4- Wooden Pallet Headboard with A Rug

A wooden pallet headboard  is the easiest idea to implement. You can do it all by yourself! In addition, when you add a rug to cover the pallet headboard, it gives a very bright and unexpected look to your bedroom. Furthermore, you can always change the rug to frequently change the look of your room.

The main benefit that you get from this simplest idea is that you can always have a rug matching to your wall color. Rugs will bold colors look especially good with the light colored walls. Adding colorful cushions against the headboard will help brighten up the room further.

Wooden Pallet with Rug

5-A Mattress Headboard

A complete small sized firm based mattress will also act as an ideal headboard for your bed. It’s not only comfortable to lean on but it will give a royal comfy look to your bedroom.

If you like classy colors, you can choose a mattress with a soft tone. However, this idea will equally appealing with bright colored mattresses.

Mattress Headboard

6- Big Bright Painting

A big bright painting can be a beautiful add to your bedroom, if you don’t want a headboard. Just place the big painting behind you bed. It will definitely steal the show and will be the first thing to get noticed when someone enters your bedroom. It’ll be a cheery addition to your bedroom that will not allow anyone to notice that your bed lacks a headboard.

Bright Painting


7- Hang Pillow as a Headboard

One of the best headboard ideas that you can implement with the combination of wood and pillow. For this idea, you need a simple wooden pallet with beautiful hooks attached to it. Next, make a long comfortable pillow. You can beautify it with buttons and beads. Hang the pillow with the hooks on the pallet and you’re done.

The plus point with this idea is variety. You can always chose which colors do you want to have for your pillowed headboard and you can easily change it.

Hang a pillow

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