Creative Items you can build with Legos

Take Lego building a level higher!

Building with Legos is a past time for both kids as well as adults. Some adults are forced to play with Legos to please their kids. But for whichever reason, if you are getting bored of the usual structures, here are some designs to spice things up. Hopefully these designs will kick start your imagination and help you build crazier designs!

Key Holder

Possibly the simplest one on this list, it also the most helpful of all items. Instead of building the word ‘KEYS!’ in the project, you can also write something more customized.  There is also the choice of leaving it blank.

DIY Key holder
DIY Key Holder


Fidget spinner

Not as helpful as the key holder, this nevertheless gives a twist to the usual fidget spinner. A fidget spinner is one of the most popular toys of this year. They are known to have a calming effect on people. Follow this tutorial on YouTube to build one.


A chess set made of Legos

Play a game of chess on a chessboard that is sure to astonish your friends!  It is quite easy to construct too. Anyone who is a fan of chess as well as Legos should complete this project.

Chessboard made of Legos
Lego Chessboard


Picture frame

This project is much more customizable than the other projects on this list. This is because the size is decided by the size of the photo. This Lego project is a good point to start at for a newbie. You can now save money on buying a new picture frame!

Phone stand and speaker

Have you ever been watching movies on your phone and wished you had a phone stand? Now you can build one with this Lego phone stand tutorial. The sound quality is pretty mediocre but that should be expected. It still makes an excellent setup to watch a movie and is a good project to educate your kid on amplification.

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