Top 3 Home Decor Trends of 2017

Freshen your home looks with these amazing tips...

Some of us just love to stay updated. Be it the fashion sense or the home decor; the need to stay updated has always been compelling. And why not? It gives us a sense of being fresh and alive. It provides a continuous purpose, where you adapt all the modern changes that are necessary to stay current.

When we talk about home decor, some of the trends become obsolete from year to year. There are some quick fixes that you need to make, in order to stay updated. Today, we’ve compiled the Top 3 Home Decor Trends of 2017. Let’s take a look:

1- Navy Blue is In:

The contemporary black color is replaced by Navy Blue, when it comes to the coloring scheme that you need to go with. While Navy Blue not only looks modern, it will give your house a new modern look that you yearn to achieve.

You can further enhance the royalty of the Navy Blue color by combining it with white patterns. This appealing color combination will not only go with the metallic and brass items; it’ll also make any bright color furniture around the house will look stunning.

Navy Blue Paint Scheme

2- Satin Brass is IN!

The last years trend of shiny brass colors has been replaced by a warmer Satin brass trend, in 2017. The new tone on Satin is mostly metallic that gives your home an elegant look. Although, this furniture tone looks appalling with the navy blue wall color but it will also look good with any color scheme that you chose for your home.

And guess what, you don’t need to do many changes to adopt this new trend. All you need to do is to paint the metallic shiny tones to warm satin colors and you are done!

Satin brass furniture

3- Optimized Kitchen Cabinets

The idea of having more space to store all your necessities is appealing. The new optimized kitchen cabinets, where the designers are making an extremely efficient use of the space available and are turning it into pretty-looking cabinets.

Optimized kitchen cabinets

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