Inspiring ‘Do It Yourself’ ideas for a Beautiful Garden

Serenity and beauty are perhaps the two most important things that immediately come up in our minds, when we think about an ideal garden. Off course the greenery and colorful flowers are the essentials for a beautiful garden but a perfect garden always has more to it.

An ideal garden provides you a breathtaking scenery when you walk in. On every turn, there must be something gorgeous to look at. Although, a lot of these purposes can be achieved by planting a variety of flowers, there is still a need of human-made creativity to complete the picture.

Let us take a look at some very easy ‘do it yourself’ ideas that you can use to enrich your garden’s beauty:

Be creative with the pebbles

The pebbles are gorgeous pieces of rocks that can be creatively arranged to beautify the garden space. One possibility is to arrange them in the form of flowers along with the pavement. This simple technique will not take too long to implement and will add a breathtaking detail to your beautiful garden.

Floral Path

You can also paint the pebbles in the form of lady bug or honey bee, to add some color and fun to your garden.

Colorful Pebbles

Painting pebbles to have many colorful lady bugs is another charming option.

lady bug pebble

Recycle those Old Tires to beautify your Garden

If you’ve some old tires uselessly piling up in your garage, its the time to recycle them. All you need to do is to paint them with bright colorful paints and fit the potted plants inside them. Subsequently, you can arrange all the tires containing potted plants in a sequence or any other pattern. You’ll simple fall in love with your beautiful garden with these simple additions.

Recycle tires

Hang out the Lights using the Watering Can

A simple technique with magical results! All you need to do is to hang out the light strands from the holes of the watering can. Hang the can from a stand and marvel at the results.

Lights in Watering Can

Turn Old Cans into Flower Pots

Turn your old used cans into flower pots. In order to achieve this, all you need to is to paint the cans with bright colors. Next, fill them up with some soil and plant the seeds of flowery bushes in them. By following these really simple steps, old cans can be turned into excellent flower pots. For stunning results, you can hang them over your wall.

Painted Cans

Create a Path with Pallets

You can make an attractive path by a simple use of pallets. Align the pallets in the ground, firmly push them inside the garden’s soil and you’ll have a beautiful path to walk on.

If you are in love with colors, you can paint each pallet with a different bright color to have a bright cheerful pallet path.

pallet path

Personalize your Beautiful Garden with Family Rocks

Now each member of your family can have a personalized rock with his/her name on it. In order to achieve this, all you need to do is to paint the name of each family member on a rock and place all of them around a big rock to form a big family rock circle.

Family rocks

Furthermore, you can paint each rock with a bright beautiful color to have a cheery colorful family rock circle.

colorful family rocks


Make a Green Tent with Vines

Your kids will love you for this! It’s relatively simple. You just need to erect some wooden sticks in the form of a tent and plant vines all around them. When the vines start to sprout, support them with these sticks. The nature will take over to do the rest of the job. You’ll have a gorgeous green tent in your garden, in just a few days.

Vines Tent


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