DIY Barn Wood Projects You can Make at Home

Wooden furniture and decor is getting really ‘in’ these days for their rustic appeal and natural woody texture.

Wooden furniture and decor is getting really ‘in’ these days for their rustic appeal and natural woody texture. Getting the wooden furniture from the market would be to bark up the wrong tree as they are damn to expensive. So to save your hard earned money you can recycle salvaged wood lying uselessly in your surroundings. The barn wood is one of the free found wooden resources that you can gain while visiting a country area, getting ruined under the effect of weather wear and tear. Just collect that wood, clean it, dismantle it and have a look at these DIY amazing barn wood projects & furniture ideas right below to get your house filled with gorgeously rustic but highly functional woody furniture possessions.

All these awesome looking barn wood ideas you would get to know that they all fall in the category of storage as they include storage chests, cupboards, kitchen pantries, cabinets and night stands. Thus building anyone of the following would surely let you enjoy tidy and immaculate home spaces with the all the utilities getting smartly stored and organized. Just take out some to browse the following DIY projects collection and see which thing you need to have in your house to enjoy a pristine image of your home sweet home.

diy wooden cupboard

A cupboard is the basic need of every bedroom space and now they can be easily achieved from the recycled barn wood like the above in the picture has been gained.

gorgeous wooden cupboard

This barn wood made rustic looking cupboard comes with the two big cabinets at the top and three layers of drawers at the base so all you clothes, make up accessories, jewelry and other needy stuff would get a perfect housing.

Wooden chest of drawers

A chest of drawers or they can be called the dressers have been build at home using the barn wood so that you enjoy clutter free and tidy bedroom, living or lounge spaces.

Handmade wooden chest of drawers

The drawer tower at the right comes with four drawers and the left one chest of drawers boasts six so they would nicely hold all your accessories and stuff in them with safety.

wooden cabinet for bedroom

This rustic looking cabinet would perform a very high practical application in your home as it comes with the storage cabinets at the left and right and a slim mirror in the center space.

Recycle display shelf

This large size multi tiered shelf unit has been targeted from the barn wood that can be easily availed from the barn fields of a country area.You can display your show piece or organize you books in this rustic looking shelf unit.

diy kitchen pantry

When barn wood is collected from the barn fields they are dead and look really distressful and this rustic looking pantry for the kitchen organization has been build from the same rugged wood.

rustic wooden hutch

If you have a big barn wood collection then you can make big furniture projects out of it just like this kitchen pantry with traditional design and rustic appeal to not only store kitchen apparatus bu add a natural appeal to kitchen decor too.

barn wood made kitchen cabinet

This kitchen cabinet is also made from the barn wood pieces and build in a very vintage inspired design and shape having a plain wide top,two cabinets with doors and the a designed base edge.

Wooden kitchen pantry

This unique piece is for your kitchen space installed from the same recycled barn wood, coming with two top shelves and a base cabinet to hide the trash can in so that it does not make the kitchen decor look unpleasant.

diy wooden chest

This unique yet stylish and amusing chest is the result of reclaimed barn wood having been cut into the slats and planks to shape up this chest to hide or house the tools and toys.

Cute wooden chest

The sawed slats have been stacked to install the lid, the sides of the chest and the same slats forming Xes at the front add more style to the chest design with the gorgeous red and blue stains adding ice to its rusticity.

wooden night stands

The night stand in the picture are gorgeous with the X design at the sides and functional to having a top, a drawer and the base storage cube to hold and hide a lot of stuff there made totally free of cost from the free available barn wood.

Made by: Jesse Gibbs

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