Light Up your Home with these Simple DIY Ideas

Easy DIY ideas to decorate your home with gorgeous lights

Lights will always be in fashion. You can certainly notch up the looks of your home with beautiful lights. Although you can always buy expensive chandeliers and lamps from the market, let us share some cost effective ideas with you. These simple DIY ideas are not only simple to implement but they’ll also save your money. Furthermore, you’ll love the sense of self accomplishment that you’ll achieve after decorating your home with the lights that you made yourself.

Flower Lights

It’s very simple to make these attractive flower lights. You just need to have:

  • Light Strings
  • Cupcake papers

Pierce the cupcake paper from the center to insert the light bulb. For astounding effects, you can make layers of three different colored cupcake papers around the light bulb. You can even cut the bottom cupcake paper in the form of a leaf.  So, basically you’ve limitless options to display your creativity by using these two simple items.

Flower light


Colored Light Balls

You need to have below items to create colored light balls:

  • String of light bulbs
  • Wool or crochet string in different colors

Simply wrap up each bulb with the string and you’re done! Trust me it’s as simple as that. Yet the possibilities are limitless. You can chose the colors of your choices. This idea looks equally good whether you choose light colored or dark colored strings.

Light balls

In addition, you can wrap up all the bulbs with a single color.

Same color light balls

Bottle up the Lights

Another very simple, yet stunning idea. All you need to have is:

  • A few light strings
  • Old bottles

So, all you need to do is to simply put the entire light string into a bottle that you no longer intend to use and voila!  You’ve just created a gorgeous night lamp.

Bottled Lights

So, decorate your home with these DIY ideas. You’ll be amazed by the stunning transformation to your home with these simple ideas!


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