Decorate your Home with simple DIY Paintings

Some great ideas to help you make awesome paintings at home

Pictures and paintings are absolutely necessary to complete the decoration. Empty walls, when replaced with exquisite paintings, bring a new life to your home. The colorful paintings not only look good but they also reflect your aesthetic sense and your love for your home. Although, not every one prefers to have walls full of pictures but still a few trendy paintings add beauty. Having said this, please bear in your bind that you don’t always have to spend a substantial amount of money to purchase paintings. There are some relatively simple ideas to make gorgeous paintings at home. These DIY paintings not only look stunning but they also elegantly help in filling up the empty walls.

Let us introduce you to some great ideas for DIY paintings. You’ll love these tips for sure!

Perfect Flowery Painting

To start your journey of DIY paintings, let’s begin with the simplest idea. All you need to have for making this attractive painting is, a painting paper and a Cola Bottle.

Cut the Cola bottle halfway, so that you can use its bottom to make perfect flowers. Next, chose an attractive color to make the petals. Draw a stem in the middle with the help of brown and black paints. Dip the bottle’s bottom in the paint and stamp gorgeous flowers around the stem.

Congrats! you’ve just made a good looking picture 🙂

Bottle Flowers

Paint with your good ol’ Teddy Bear

If you are looking to make a painting for your children’s bedroom, how about using that old teddy bear that your kids have lost interest in?

For this idea, all you need to do is to take painting sheet (preferably dark) and dip the teddy bear in a light colored paint. Now, carefully place the teddy in the middle of the sheet. Pick up the teddy (don’t drag it). And you’ll have a beautiful teddy bear picture on your painting sheet.


Play with Tapes and Colors

This is perhaps the simplest idea to implement. Yet, it’ll give you the most gorgeous paintings.

To make paintings with tapes, just take a painting sheet. It could be of any color. Affix tape across it in different directions, so you’ll have triangles formed on it. Just paint each triangle with a different color. You can even use glitters for some triangle. Once you’ve painted all the triangles, pull the tapes out.

Painting with tape 2

You can even use one color to paint the sheet. It’ll also look good. Just make sure that it is in contrast against the painting sheets color.

Paint with tape

Write your own Quotations

Make a major statement to your home by writing powerful quotations. You don’t need to be an expert for implementing this idea. You just need a stencil and perhaps a wooden pallet. Just paint the pallet and write the quotation using stencil.

If your handwriting is good and you are comfortable with the use of paint brush, you can even write the quotes without stencil.

Here are some images of the quoted pallets to inspire you.

Quote with stencil

You can even make your quotes look colorful.

Quotes colorful

Make use of Scrapbook

Here’s an admirable use of scrapbook for making an easy yet elegant painting.

Take a scrapbook that has different colored sheets ( You can also use colorful cardboard sheets for making this gorgeous painting.) Cut lots of equal sized petals from the sheets. Once you have cut all your petals, simply affix them on a dark colored painting sheet with the help of glue, to make a big flower.

You can make this flower on the center of the page but it’ll look even more appealing when tilted on one side. Pure Class! Isn’t it?

Flower from Scrap book

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