Top 3 ideas to warm up your Living Room

Introduce warmth and elegance in your Living Room with these simple ideas...


Living room is the heart of the house. For most of us, its not only used for welcoming the guests but its also a space where you love to spend some quality and relaxing time after a long tiring day. Hence, an ideal living room should reflect comfort and warmth.

It often takes plenty of planning and considerable thought to design this central room of your home. And why not? It is the place where you spend most of your quality time in. It does require love and care in designing, so that it reflects the same.

Let us share some ideas that we have to make your living room stand out, while you still stay in your budget.

1- Buy an antique or a gorgeous mirror to create a focal point in Living Room

It really doesn’t have to be expensive. Just chose an attractive focal point that will attract the attention and adds grace to your living room. You can place it over the fireplace, as its already the focal point and adding additional details to it will improve the ambiance.

Focal Point

2- Arrange the couches to promote conversation

Its always good to arrange the couches to encourage conversation. Since a well designed living room can both be used to entertain guests or as a family gathering room; the couches need to be arranged to form a cozy conversational setting.

Seating Arrangement

3- Go for soft paint colors

Soft paint colors not only help in making the room look brighter, even with minimal light; but they also make a room look bigger. If your room has windows, the day light will look even more appealing with the soft wall colors. You can chose any soft tone color to paint your living room. This simple color scheme trick will do wonders to your room’s overall look.

Soft paint color

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