Top Ideas to decorate Small Bedroom

Create space in small bedrooms by using these smart ideas

The modern houses and apartments are designed to make maximum space in a small area. Sometimes this results in small bedrooms.  So, if you’ve just purchased a great house that has an attractive porch, sunny living room, glorious staircase, exquisite master bedroom, but  small room for guests or children; don’t let it disappoint you. After all, you can’t get all the good deals in one place. The key is to smartly address the space’s shortcomings by equipping the room with ideas that doesn’t take so much space. Here are some great small bedroom ideas that will show you how to make an efficient use of the space available.

The beauty of these ideas is that they will not only make your small rooms look appealing but they’ll give them a roomy look. So, even if the rooms are actually small, they’ll look bigger than their actual size. So, here we go:

1- Smart Bookshelf

This bookshelf idea doesn’t only look good but it’s a perfect solution to save the space that’ll otherwise be taken up by a contemporary bookshelf. All you need to do is to find a good corner in your room to build this bookshelf. If you are a crafty person, you can probably make this wooden bookshelf on your own as well.

Smart Bookshelf

2- Bunker Bed for Children

If your kids bedroom is small and you’ve more than one children sharing the bedroom, then its the best idea to implement. The bunker beds allow you to make an efficient use of upper space by adjusting the bed vertically. This frees up the space that the extra bed would’ve taken in the small bedroom.

Bunker Bed

3- Storage Space beneath the Bed

It is the smartest idea to create an extra storage space in a small bedroom. You obviously cannot have many storage drawers if your room lacks space. So, the most practical approach is to design your bed to have extra storage spaces underneath.

You can cover the under bed storage with a bed sheet or you can even install beautiful wooden doors to cover up the storage spaces. Not to mention, the storage space with doors will also keep your belongings safe.

Storage Under Bed

4- Install a Clipped Table

A traditional table requires a considerable amount of space to fit in. You naturally don’t have that much space in a small sized bedroom. In order to overcome this situation, how about installing a clipped table in your bedroom. This table will be attached to the wall on one side and won’t have any legs. This will give you a smart space for your writing requirements while saving up the space in your room.

Clipped Table

5- Build the closet around the bed

Another efficient use of small space. This idea takes advantage of the fact that if we have bed one side of room while having the closet on the opposite, the entire room will become cluttered. You won’t even have much space to walk around without bumping your feet.

A smart solution is to build the closet around the bed, while freeing up the space for the bed’s headboard. You can install attractive lights around to make the room look appealing.

Closet around bed

6- Sofa cum Bed for a Small Bedroom

An other idea to smartly make up space in a small bedroom is to use a sofa cum bed. You can decorate the bed with a beautiful canopy around. In addition, you can decorate the bed with lots of colorful cushions.

So, if you can use this cushioned space as sofa during the day or when you’ve visitors in your room. The same sofa will turn into a comfortable bed at night.
Sofa cum bed

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